Veratrum viride (American Hellebore)

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American Veratrum Viride (Hellebore)This plant has a perennial, thick, and fleshy rhizome, tunicated at the upper part, sending off a multitude of large whitish roots.  The stem is from three to five feet high; lower leaves from six inches to a foot long, oval, acuminate; upper leaves gradually narrower, linear, lanceolate, and all alternate.  The flowers are numerous and green, part of them barren.

  • English
  • American false hellebore
    American False-hellebore
    American White Hellebore
    Green false hellebore
    Green hellebore
    Indian Poke

  • French
  • Vérâtre blanc, Varaire

  • German
  • Grüner Germer

  • Swedish
  • Grön nysrot


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