Trillium erectum (Beth Root)

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Trillilum Pendulum (Beth-Root)This is an herbaceous, perennial plant, having an oblong tuberous root, from which arises a slender stem from ten to fifteen inches high.  The leaves are three in number, acuminate, from three to five inches in diameter, with a very short petiole.  The flowers are white, sepals green, petals ovate and acute, styles erect, and stigmas recurved.

  • English
  • Bethroot
    birth root
    Erect Trillium
    Foetid wake-robin
    Ill-scent Trillium
    Ill-scented Trillium
    Red death flower
    red trillium
    stinking benjamin
    stinking willie
    wake robin
    Purple trillium
    Red benjamin

  • Canada
  • Manitoba

  • French
  • trille rouge

  • Swedish
  • Purpurtreblad


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