Scrophularia Nodosa (Figwoert)

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Scrophularia Nodosa (figwoert) Description. — Figwort has a perennial, whitish, and fibrous root, with a leafy, erect, smooth stem from two to four feet high.  The leaves are opposite, ovate; the upper lanceolate, acute, of deep green color, and from three to seven inches in length.  The flowers are small, and dark purple in color.  The fruit is an ovate-oblong capsule.

  • English
  • Common figwort
    Woodland figwort
    Carpenter’s square
    Knotted Figwort
    Wood Figwort
    woodland figwort

  • Danish
  • Knoldet brunrod

  • German
  • Knotige Braunwurz

  • French
  • Herbe de siège
    Scrophulaire noueuse
    Scrofulaire noueuse

  • Finnish
  • Syyläjuuri

  • Italian
  • Castagnola
    Scrofularia nodosa

  • Romanian
  • Burberic

  • Norwegian
  • Brunrot

  • Swedish
  • Flenört


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