Sambucus Canadensis (American Black Elderberry)

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Sambucus Canadensis (Elder)This is a common, well-known native American plant, from five to twelve feet high, with a shrubby stem, filled with a light and porous pith, especially when young.  The bark is rather scabrous and cinereous.  The leaves are nearly bipinnate, antiposed.  The flowers are numerous, white, in very large level-topped, five-parted cymes, and have a heavy odor.  The European Elder, though larger than the American kind, is similar in its general characteristics and properties.

  • English
  • American elder
    Common elderberry
    American black elderberry
    Canada elderberry
    White elder
    sweet elder
    Mexican elder
    Florida elder
    Canadian elder
    American elderberry

  • Afrikaans
  • Kanadese vlier

  • Dutch
  • Amerikaanse vlier

  • French
  • Sureau blanc
    Sirop blanc
    Sureau du Canada

  • Swedish
  • kanadafläder

  • Spanish
  • saúco


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