Ranunculus Bulbosus (Crowfoot)

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Ranunculus Bulbosus (Crowfoot)This plant is not to be confounded with the Geranium maculatum, which is also called Crowfoot.  The cormus or root of this herb is a perennial, solid, fleshy, roundish, and depressed, sending out radicles from its under sides.  The root sends up annually erect hairy stems, six to eighteen inches in height.  The leaves are on long petioles, dentate and hairy.  Each stem supports several solitary golden-yellow flowers; sepals, oblong and hairy; petals, five, cordate; stamens numerous and hairy.

  • English
  • Blister flower
    Bulbous buttercup
    Bulbous crowfoot
    St. Anthony’s turnip
    yellow weed

  • Brazil
  • botão-de-ouro

  • Dinish
  • Knold-ranunkel

  • Dutch
  • Knolboterbloem

  • Finnish
  • Mäkileinikki

  • French
  • Renoncule bulbeuse

  • German
  • Knolliger Hahnenfuss

  • Italian
  • Ranuncolo bulboso

  • Swedish
  • Knölsmörblomma


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