Polytrichum juniperinum (Bears Bed)

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Polytrichium Juniperum (Bears Bed) This is an indigenous plant, having a perennial stem, slender, of a reddish color, and from four to seven inches high; leaves lanceolate, and somewhat spreading.  The fruit a four-sided oblong capsule.

  • English
  • Juniper Haircap
    Juniper Haircap Moss
    Juniper Moss
    juniper polytrichum moss
    Juniper Haircap

  • Dutch
  • Zandhaarmos

  • Finnish
  • Kangaskarhunsammal

  • French
  • Polytric à feuilles de genévrier
    Polytric genévrier
    Polytric genevrin
    polytric genévrier

  • German
  • Wacholder-Widertonmoos

  • Japanese
  • スギゴケ


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