Orobanche uniflora (Cancer Root)

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Orobanche Virgiana (Cancer)This is a parasitic plant, with a smooth, leafless stem from a foot to a foot and a half in height, with slender branches given off the whole length of it.  The root is scaly and tuberous.

  • English
  • Cancer-root
    Naked Broom Rape
    Naked broom-rape
    Naked broomrape
    One-flowered broom-rape
    One-flowered Broomrape
    One-Flowered Cancer-Root
    Oneflowered broomrape
    Pale Broom
    Small broomrape
    One-flowered cancer-root
    Naked broomrape
    One-flower cancer-root in English
    source: GRIN Taxonomy
    Oneflowered broomrape

  • French
  • Orobanche uniflore


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