Iberis sempervirens (Candytuft)

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Amara (Iberis) Iceland Moss is a perennial, foliaceous plant from two to four inches high; a native of Britain and the northern countries of Europe, particularly Iceland.  It is diversified in its color, being brownish or grayish-white in some parts, and of a reddish hue in others.  It is without odor, with a mucilaginous, bitter, somewhat astringent taste, and when dry the lichen is crisp, cartilaginous, and coriaceous, and is convertible into a grayish-white powder.  It swells up on water, absorbing more than its own weight of that fluid, and communicating a portion of its bitterness to it, as well as a little mucilage; when long chewed it is converted into a mucilaginous pulp, and when boiled in water the decoction becomes a firm jelly on cooling.

  • English
  • Candy mustard
    Edging Candytuft
    Evergreen candytuft
    Perennial Candytuft

  • Afrikaans
  • Skeweblom

  • Danish
  • Snepude

  • Finnish
  • Talvisaippo

  • French
  • Corbeille d’argent
    Iberis toujours vert, Thlaspi de
    Ibéris des rochers, Ibéris saxatile
    Thlaspi toujours vert
    Iberis toujours vert
    Thlaspi de Candie

  • German
  • Immerblütige Schleifenblume
    Immergrüne Schleifenblume
    Immergrüner Bauernsenf

  • Italian
  • Iberide Sempreverde

  • Swedish
  • Vinteriberis


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