Hydrastis canadensis (Goldenseal)

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Hydrastis Canadensos (Golden Seal)This indigenous plant has a perennial root or rhizome, which is tortuous, knotty, creeping, internally of a bright yellow color, with long fibres.  The stem is erect, simple, herbaceous, rounded, from six to twelve inches high, bearing two unequal terminal leaves.  The two leaves are alternate, palmate, having from three to five lobes, hairy, dark-green, cordate at base, from four to nine inches wide when full grown.  The flower is a solitary one, small, white or rose,colored, and the fruit resembles a raspberry, is red, and consists of many two-seeded drupes.

  • English
  • Goldenseal
    Golden Seal

  • French
  • Fard inolien
    Hydrastis du Canada
    Racirie jaunisse
    Sceau d’or
    Hydraste du Canada

  • Finnish
  • Hurmejuuri

  • German
  • Kanadische Orangewurz

  • Latin
  • Rhizoma Hydrastis

  • Swedish
  • Blodstilla

  • Spanish
  • Hidrastis
    Raíz de oro


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