Helianthemum nummularium (Rock Rose)

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Helianthemum Canadenswe (Forost-Weed)Rock Rose is a perennial herb, with a simple, ascending downy stem, about a foot high.  The leaves are alternate, from eight to twelve inches long, about one-fourth as wide; oblong, acute, lanceolate, erect, and entire.  The flowers are large and bright yellow, some with petals, and some without petals.  The flowers open in sunshine and cast their petals next day.

  • English
  • Common Rock-rose
    Rock Rose

  • Afrikaans
  • Sonroos

  • Dutch
  • Geel zonneroosje

  • Finnish
  • Kultapäivännouto

  • French
  • Hélianthème jaune, Hélianthème
    Hélianthème nummulaire

  • German
  • Gemeines Sonnenröschen
    Gewöhnliches Sonnenröschen

  • Italian
  • Eliantemo maggiore

  • Russian
  • solncecvet monetolictnyj

  • Spanish
  • Perdiguera

  • Swedish
  • solvända


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