Hamamelis virginiana (American witch-hazel)

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Hamamelis Verginica (Hszel Witch) This indigenous shrub consists of several crooked, branching stems, from the same root, from four to six inches in diameter and ten to twelve feet high, covered with a smooth gray bark.  The leaves are on short petioles, alternate, oval or obovate; flowers yellow; calyx small, petals four, and the fruit a nut-like capsule or pod.

  • English
  • American Witch-hazel
    American witchhazel
    witch hazel
    Common witch-hazel
    Northern witch-hazel

  • Dutch
  • Amerikaanse toverhazelaar

  • Danish
  • Virginsk Troldnød

  • Finnish
  • Amerikantaikapaehkinae

  • French
  • café du diable
    Hamamélis de Virginie
    Hamamélis de Virginie
    Hamamélis de la Virginie

  • Latin
  • Cortex Hamamelidis
    Folia Hamamelidis

  • Swedish
  • Amerikansk trollhassel

  • Spanish
  • Avellano de bruja


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