Geum Virginianum (White Avens)

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Geum Virginianum (White Avens)GEUM RIVALE, or Purple Avens, is a perennial, deep green herb; woody root; leaves nearly lyrate, crenate-dentate, and from four to six inches long.  The flowers are few and yellowish purple in color.
GEUM VIRGINIANUM, or Throat Root, is also a perennial, with a small, crooked root.  The stem is two or three feet high.  The leaves are pinnate or lyrate; flowers rather small and white; and the fruit an achenium.  The former is common to the United States and Europe, flowering in June or July, and the latter only to the United States, flowering from June to August.

  • English
  • Cream avens
    Pale Avens
    Cream-colored avens

  • French
  • Benoîte de Virginie


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