Geranium maculatum (Wild Geranium)

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Geranium Msculatum (Cranesbill)  This plant has a perennial, horizontal, thick, rough, and knotty root, with many small fibres.  The stems are grayish-green, erect, round, and a foot or two high.  The leaves are spreading and hairy, and the blossoms large, and generally purple, mostly in pairs.  The Dove’s Foot, or Cranebill, which grows in England, is a different plant, bearing many small bright-red flowers of five leaves apiece, though it possesses medicinal properties similar to the American varieties.

  • English
  • Spotted Crane’s Bill
    Spotted crane’s-bill
    Spotted Cranesbill
    Spotted geranium
    Wild crane’s-bill
    Wild Geranium

  • Finnish
  • Täpläkurjenpolvi

  • French
  • Géranium maculé

  • Swedish
  • Fläcknäva


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