Gentiana verna (Gentian)

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Gentian Luter (Gentian) This plant has a long, thick, cylindrical, wrinkled, ringed, forked, perennial root, brown externally, and yellow within, with a stem three or four feet high, hollow, stout, and erect; leaves ovate-oblong, five-veined, pale, bright green; the blossoms are large, of a bright yellow, in many-flowered whorls; and the fruit is a capsule, stalked oblong, and two-valved.

  • English
  • Spring gentian

  • Catalan
  • Pastorella

  • Finnish
  • Kevätkatkero

  • French
  • Gentiane printanière
    Gentiane de printemps

  • German
  • Frühlings-Enzian

  • Spanish
  • Genciana de primavera

  • Swedish
  • Vårgentiana


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