Euonymus Atropurpureus (Burning Bush)

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Euonymus Atropurpureus (Burning Bush)Wahoo is a small shrub or bush, with smooth branches, and from five to ten feet high.  The leaves are from two to five inches in length, lanceolate, acute, and finely serrate.  Flowers dark purple, and the fruit a crimson, five-celled capsule.  There is another variety known as Euonymus Americanus, which is equally useful medicinally, and this and the foregoing are both known by the name of Wahoo better than by any other title.

  • English
  • Burningbush
    Eastern burningbush
    Eastern spindle-tree
    Eastern wahoo
    Spindle tree
    Burning-bush euonymus
    Eastern burning-bush

  • French
  • Fusain pourpre
    Fusain de l’Est

  • German
  • Purpur-Spindelstrauch


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