Cornus Florida (Flowering Dogwood)

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Cornus Florida (Dogwood)Dogwood is a small indigenous tree from twelve to thirty feet high, with a very hard and compact wood, and covered with a rough and brownish bark.  The tree is of slow growth.  The leaves are opposite, smooth, ovate, acute, dark green above, paler beneath.  The flowers are very small, of a greenish yellow color, and constitute the chief beauty of the tree when in bloom.  The fruit is an oval drupe of a glossy scarlet color, containing a nut with two cells and two seeds.

  • English
  • American-boxwood
    Eastern flowering dogwood
    Flowering dogwood
    White dogwood
    American Boxwood

  • German
  • Blumen-Hartriegel

  • French
  • Cornouiller fleuri
    Cornouiller à fleurs
    Cornouiller de Floride

  • Portuguese
  • Cornizo-florido

  • Spanish
  • Corona de San Pedro

  • Swedish
  • Blomsterkornell


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