Copaifera langsdorffii (Diesel Tree)

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Copaifera officinalis (OOpaiba)Copaiba is a tall and handsome tree, with many small, crooked branches, and a grayish-brown bark.  The leaves are large and equally pinnated, leaflets in pairs of from two to five, petioles short.  The flowers are white; calyx four-parted; stamens, ten; fruit obovate, two-valved, and one-seeded.

  • English
  • Copaiba
    Langsdorf’s copaifera
    Balsam Copaiba
    Copaiba Balsam
    Langsdorf’s copaifera

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Copaíba
    Oleo de copaíba

  • German
  • Copaiva

  • French
  • Copahu

  • Swedish
  • Röd kopaiva


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