Bouquet Garni

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Bouquet Garni Bouquet garni is a French term for “an herb bundle” used in cook-
ing. Its contents generally include
• Five sprigs of parsley
• Two sprigs of thyme
• One bay leaf
• A portion of dried orange peel
• One sprig of sweet marjoram
• One sprig of basil
• Two celery leaves
• A small piece of cinnamon stick
• A clove of garlic
• A small blade of mace
• A pod of red pepper

The ingredients can vary, however, according to individual tastes. In order to facilitate removal after cooking, the herbs are either tied together or placed in a muslin sack.

The bouquet grain is used primarily as a flavor enhancer. In addition, it acts as an aid to digestion. Its presence lessens the likelihood of constipation, heartburn, and intestinal gas. These benefits are not realized with commercially produced “mixed herb” preparations or powdered bouquet grain available in packets.



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