Apocynum Androsaemifolium (Bitter Root)

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Apocynum Androsaemifolium (Bitter Root)This is a smooth, elegant plant, five or six feet high, with a large perennial root.  The leaves are dark-green above, pale beneath, ovate, and about two or three inches long and an inch wide.  Corolla white, calyx five-cleft, and stamens five.  Fruit a follicle.  Every part of the plant is milky.

  • English
  • bitterroot
    flytrap dogbane
    low dogbane
    spreading dogbane
    Woodson’s spreading dogbane
    mountain hemp
    fly-trap dogbane
    bitter dogbane
    Creeping dogbane
    Common dogbane

  • French
  • apocyn à feuilles d’androsème
    Herbe à la puce

  • German
  • Gewöhnliches Hundsgift

  • Swedish
  • Hundkål

  • Spanish

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