Arisaema triphyllum (Jack in the Pulpit )

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Arum Triphyllum (Dragon)This plant has a round, flattened, perennial rhizome; the upper part is tunicated like an onion.  The leaves are generally one or two, standing on long, sheathing footstalks; leaflets oval, mostly entire, acuminate, smooth, and paler on the under side.

  • English
  • Indian-turnip
    Jack in the pulpit
    Indian Jack-in-the-pulpit
    Indian turnip
    American Wake Robin
    Indian jack in the pulpit
    Swamp Jack-in-the-pulpit
    preacher John

  • German
  • Dreiblättriger Feuerkolben

  • French
  • Petit prêcheur
    Arisème petit-prêcheur
    Ariséma rouge-foncé
    Oignon sauvage
    Pied de veau


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